We offer limitless and unstoppable portions of imagination, fun and destination management! We can hardly call it 'services'...

it's our life!





From finding the suitable venue to developing an agenda and planning all the logistics – we effectively organise the meetings of any sizes and types. With a great choice of venues around the Turkey and North Cyprus, we will always find a perfect solution to fit your format, target and budget.




Our individually personalised incentive ideas and programmes are not only memorable rewards, but also a valuable asset for your business. 




With our extensive knowledge of various venues and technical aspects, skills in building stands and stages for workshops, we professionally manage diverse conferences and exhibitions. On top of that, we are a partner to most of the large congresses taking place in the Turkey and North Cyprus, looking after business delegations from all over the world.




From birthday celebrations, weddings and drinks with friends to corporate product launches, New Year parties, summer picnics and Gala Dinners - we create events for the individuals and companies to bring live communications into their routine.


VIP Experiences


With the access to the most iconic hotel suites, restaurants, palaces, helicopters, yachts and celebrities, we have amazing resources to create outstanding VIP experiences. Whether it comes to making impossible happen or perhaps spoiling your darling ones, we tend to exceed any expectations.